Vertex snapping

First off, thanks for making such an amazing engine available to everyone.

I think it would be handy to allow vertex snapping from any vertex in the selected mesh to any other vertex in other objects. Right now it seems to only snap based on the origin which doesn’t work well in all situations.

I believe you can snap the pivot to a vertex on the mesh you want to move by holding Alt + MMB + V and dragging on the pivot (little white ball) while using the move tool. Then you can do a regular move withsnapping and snap that to a vertex on another object.

I’m thinking more like this. It works with all meshes, no matter how oddly shaped or scaled.

I fully agree, vertex snapping in Unity is a brilliant tool, it makes level building so much faster. All you need to know are the contact vertices for your meshes, and voila, the bits fit perfectly with no effort at all.