Vertex painting and World position offset problem

I’m trying to create a flame that always points towards a door in my level but i’m having trouble with the method i’m using. I’m trying to use vertex painting on my mesh and the World Position Offset of my flame material to make the upper part of the flame bend and always point towards the door in my level.

That method works pretty nicely but the very top part of my vertex painted mesh doesn’t seem to be affected by the WPO i’m inputing.

Here’s what happens :

I’m calculating a vector between the location of my flame actor and my door actor and setting this vector as an offset i’m applying to my flame material on tick.

Here’s my mesh, material and flame actor blueprints for reference :


I think what happens, is that top part of your mesh is simply painted with a value of 1, thus it gets offset completely, and the curve starts only where vertex color red intensity drops below 1. Make sure that your mesh has enough resolution, and apply red color only to top vertices, blending smoothly to zero towards bottom. Don’t forget to mark the question as resolved, if that helped.