Vertex Paint height blend 4 textures?

Hi all, I know how to use the height blend in a landscape material, however I’m creating a diorama so vertex painting seemed more appropriate.
I know how to vertex blend two textures together with a height map, but I have 4 separate textures (+ height maps in their alpha channel) and was wondering if it’s possible to blend them together like with the landscape material?
I’ve been trying to do it all morning, to no avail.

Any help is very much appreciated, shaders aren’t my strong suit. Thanks!

Edit: I forgot to mention I have the 4 texture vertex shader set up for basecolour, roughness and normal all fine.

Yes you can. Remember that you need to lerp together the original heightmaps at each step using the “alpha” output so that you can blend using the layered heightmaps. Then the 2nd heightlerp node receives the input of the blended heightmaps which causes the second heightlerp blend (which is the 3rd layer) to blend using both underlying heightmaps. Make sense? If not I can whip up an example image later today.

Thanks for the reply, I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. An example image would be amazing if you have time.

Here’s my current set up

Thanks again

So is that working, other than it not being height-blended?
Looks like that should work for a simple 4 layer blend…

Try something like this.

Here I am using the A and B input to blend the heightmaps but you could just as easily do it with a separate lerp using the HeightLerp alpha it would just be a few more nodes.


With this setup you could easily use the “MatLayerBlend” setup as well to blend entire material attributes not just a single texture at a time.

Yes it works, but the blend is obviously just the generic fall off - I’d like to be able to use height maps instead.

Ah thank you! That seems to work, it’s blending much better now.

It seems I’ve run into another snag :o
I’d like to have a masked pebble texture that will go on top of all/each other texture e.g. layer of dirt, then grass and the pebbles will go on top of both.

I can’t seem to figure out how to get it on top without it removing the layers below

Edit: oh wow, I didn’t realise you could use both Colors and Blend Weights - just using the blue channel on top of the others solved my problem.

thankyou!very useful!