Vertex Count after Importing .fbx

I have a couple of skeletal meshes that I exported from Mixamo Fuse. They have exactly 10,124 vertices and that’s the count I need them to have after importing into UE4, because I plan on doing some procedural mesh comparison and interpolating on them.

When I turn off the option to remove duplicate vertices, they all suddenly have 59,796 vertices!!

When I turn it on, the count is around 11,320 +/- a few.

How do I get the original mesh into UE4?


To calculate the number of vertices, game engines use other principles. In this docs you find all rules about counting vertices in game engines.

Thanks for the link. I managed to write my own “duplicate removal” code now.

Obviously, if you don’t check that option in the import settings, the mesh gets created with one vertex for every index (vertex-count == index-count). If you DO check it, something happens that results in vertex-counts that are slightly different for whatever reason (I don’t really need to know that atm).

By importing without removing duplicates and then checking for identical vertex-UVs, I managed to remove the doubles and (it seems that) I’m getting the same count every time, so I have comparable meshes now.