Vertex blending not working on mesh with multiple blend materials


i have a terrain mesh with multiple blend materials assigned to it. it’s bascially dirt/grass and rock/grass blends.

the issue i’m having is i can’t erase the blend info on the mesh after awhile. ‘left-shift-click’ and ‘left-mouse-click’ both add blend info.

restarting the editor does not help on the existing mesh. starting blends on a new mesh works, but only for awhile, and i can’t erase again.

lastly, when i am in vertex paint mode, real time mode starts in the editor even though i had it turned off before.

i couldn’t find any questions posted that’s similar to mine. please point me to the correct thread if there is one.

also, i am using ver. 4.3.1 and basic blend shaders with diffuse maps blended by a lerp node.

thank you.


bumping this just in case it was missed by people how know the answers. :slight_smile:

Hey echoform -

If you are painting by vertex you will need to actually reverse the paint color from white (value of 1) to Black (value of 0) and choose the channel you want to remove the vertex color from and paint again. I have found as well that seeing the vertex color directly can help keep track of what values you have minimized and maximized. If this does not work for you please let me know -

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

thank you eric.

this issue occured for me in 4.3.1 and with 4.5.1 it’s behaving properly now.