Velvet material help - Anistropy

I was wondering how you guys would go about making a velvet like material, something like the attached references.

So far, I tried the cloth and hair shaders, and ideally i want the combination of BOTH. However, I can only choose one, and with the hair shader, I cannot use a normal map to define the shape of my geometry. And, trying to make an anistropic effect is beyond me, if someone can help me out with that (point me in the right direction), or point out some other way to create the velvet effect, that would be extremely helpful. I’m not math savvy when it comes to creating materials, but will try my best to learn whatever I can to achieve this material effect.

There’s an anisotropy material somewhere in the content examples, but I can’t remember where. Try looking at those.

There’s a material node called “FuzzyShading”, which uses camera incidence angles to create a fake fuzzy effect (sort of like fresnel) on colors. You can run your albedo color through it and play with the settings, and it might help you get closer to the look you’re going for. Keep in mind it’s a totally fake effect (and cheap to calculate) which doesn’t do any kind of real anisotropy simulation.

thanks for the reply Wilkes, will take a look at it tomorrow Do you remember what folder/map that would be in?

Hey cancel, I am familiar with fuzzyshading, and have used it for some lookdev already, and while it does help for most clothy materials, velvet and silk seem to need anistropy to portray like their respective materials. Thanks for the reply and help anyways :slight_smile:

hey wilkes, I found the material (in the experiemental materials map, if anyone is interested), and although it’s a great solution for games, it’s not very good for taking a high resolution screenshot (which is what I am aiming for [for a still character render]). Thanks for the response once again.

Bump…any direction here?