Velocity reduced unexpectedly in chaos

I am doing some physics simulation. I use AddForce and AddTorqueInRadians at every Tick to control a static mesh’s movement. My code works very well with PhysX in UE 4.27.2; but in UE5.0.1, the linear and angular velocity reduced unexpectedly during random time.

The picture is a statistic made by my UMG. I add a positive force (bigger or smaller depends on other factors, but always positive) at every frame, but the velocity reduced sharply about every 2-3 seconds. By the way, I did not add any constraint manually, but I am not sure if there’s some in chaos (while not in PhysX before)


Could anyone please help me about this?

Its known issue Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-149771) This was temp solution that worked for me p.Chaos.Solver.SleepEnabled 0

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Thank u for sharing ur solution