Velocity of actor help in Motion Controller

Hi all

I’m trying to figure out how to make a fire torch respond to velocity when it is being held by a motion controller. My main aim is to have different SFX whoosh intensities depending on how quickly i move the torch i am currently holding.

I’m using the VR_Template, have the mesh etc sorted and then have added a get velocity and print string so i can get values (to be used via FMOD)

However, what i am finding is that, while holding the torch, its velocity is set to 0. Its only when i drop or throw it, that it registers that it is actually moving (i understand why this is doing it, as it is now itself not moving, its attached).

I’m sure its straight forward (!) but any ideas would be appreciated - or, is there a way to track the motion controller velocity!?


Get the physics velocity instead of the component velocity, or run “Current Motion Controller Location” - “Last Frame Motion Controller Location” to get a frame by frame velocity.

Hi and thanks for your input, i always appreciate it

I had a play with physics velocity, but could get the desired result - must have had something wrong somewhere.

And i also couldn’t seem to call the motion controller locations - i’m going off the VR_Template, which i think may have something to do with it. As you can probably tell, im not a game designer by trade, i’m a sound designer - Unreal and FMOD i’m familiar with, but the VR stuff is giving me new challenges - which is no bad thing!

What i really wanted to achieve was to get a value i could use to set parameters in FMOD - i’ve come up with this which i think is in the right direction - i’ll post in case anyone else can use it, or anyone can see any issues or improvements that could be made!



Yes getting the difference for your torch itself would also work, and would be more compact since it is localized to the object.

for GetPhysicsLinearVelocity, GrabSphereRight return non-zero values, but RightMotionController, ProceduralMeshRight, HandMesh-Right, these 3 all return zero values.
for “Current Motion Controller Location” - “Last Frame Motion Controller Location”, seems no function inBlueprint to get the Location of MotionController?