Velocity movement physics for Interactables in VR? ( Like in Newton VR )

Hey everybody! Is there any Velocity movement physics solutions like in SteamVR plusing for unity?
First it’s was implemented in NewtonVR but later NVR core was merged with SteamVR plugin officially.
So is there same implementation in Unreal Steam VR?

Original “How works” article is not working: Physics Based Interaction on the Vive
So found one on Web Archieve: Physics Based Interaction on the Vive

Velocity movement physics allows to precisely control objects to not pass through each other.

You can’t control velocity in UE4 to the extent that you can in Unity. Unity uses a fully fixed timestep physics engine so you can directly lock down the amount of movement per tick by knowing what the delta time will be between updates.

In UE4 the physics timesteps are not fully fixed and you will get aberrations trying to do the same thing (unless you set up some sort of target approach system, directly copying their logic will not work). The std approach in this engine currently is to use a constraint to a kinematic actor and move the kinematic actor instead.

You get similar results that way since you are enforcing the position and orientation.

The physics handle component also does this and is generally pretty decent for starting out.

Yes, I’ve already tested this plugin in UE4, but if you collide objects too fast, they will go through each other a bit :C
But maybe it’s possible to achieve something like this but with another mechanics?

That would either be you keeping late updates on (1 frame delay on visuals to actual collisions, you have to turn it off for perfect collisions but you accept a motion delay when not colliding).

Or not correctly setting your physics settings in engine, a pure velocity based approach wouldn’t be any different with equivalent speed.

I’ll note that if you DID try that specific testbed, then its likely the former, as late updates are enabled by default for everything in there, and its simple to turn them off.

Hmm, alright then, anyway will try to figure it our somehow!
Thanks for discussing :slight_smile: