Velocity from map into niagara

Hi there

Im trying to make some pretty realistic very big splash effects - from big objects hitting and ocean water surface.
I have tried using RealFlow - into houdini and into Unreal - and come up with some pretty nice Vertex Animated Texture materials that looks nice - but is missing all color texture.

I am not sure if it is posisble to make an animated color map (for each vertex) for this specific apreoach?

But my real question is - can i somehow use this animated material/vertex animation - to drive anything in Niagara?
I mean i believe we have animated velocity on the one texture - that would be great if it could be applied to the correct particles?

alternatively is it possible to export particles - including any velocity/speed - from housini into niagara - and then have unreal/niagara physic take over the caluclations?

All replies are very welcome - thanks