Vehicle wheels don't interact with ground

Hello all
Im a beginner in unreal engine and I’m having issues with the vehicle setup.
I’ve made a 3d model thats correctly aligned to the engine and imported in following unreal engine’s tutorial on how to. I end up putting the vehicle in and as soon as it spawns in the wheels don’t interact with the ground and the car stays still. I fixed a turning issue I had before, but I have no idea why it doesn’t have any collision with the ground.
Anything helps. Attached is the info from the game.

your wheels are sperate meshes? they don’t have collission setup

They are separate meshes, but physics shows that I have collisions on them. Am i missing something?

Let me correct something. The premade car can interact with the physics model, but it seems that the wheels themselves cannot connect with the ground.

Hi, have you used Blender to make the car? While the game is running you can try the console command “pxvis collision” to see all the collisions. If the collision on your wheels are right, you should see a collision cylinder around each of your wheels, if you see a collision cylinder at your root bone somethings wrong with your bone sizes.

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Error can be with the skeleton. make sure unit scale is correct in 3d editor(blender/maya)

In my case, the bones had a roll that made the axis point in the wrong directions. Make sure the tilt is set to zero. To do this, select the armature, go to edit mode, select the bone. In the n-panel, go to ‘item’ and make sure that ‘roll’ is zero.