Vehicle Tyre Tracks Using Decals


Could someone please point me in the direction of a tutorial or description on how to create vehicle tyre tracks and tyre particle effects using Blueprints? (reference images attached)

I have searched high and low for answers and I keep hitting a wall.

Firstly I visited the UE4 Vehicle Game (from 4.2) and found exactly the effect I was after here, but on further research I found that this has all been coded up in C++ which unfortunately I have 0 experience in.

Apparently the effect I’m after can be achieved ‘easily’ using a line trace and decals attached to each wheel. (Yet there are literally no tutorials on it, despite the amount of racing games out there!)

Also looking for methods on how to create the tyre dust particles for each wheel.

Hopefully this is a very simple solution. Legend status for anyone that can help me out!