Vehicle Soccer Template


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Vehicle Soccer Template is a 100% Blueprint powered template designed to help you learn and get you started in making multiplayer vehicle soccer games. All Blueprints are fully commented so you can easily edit and add new features as you see fit. This template supports LAN play with 1v1 to 5v5 players and includes hosting a new server, server list and lobby where all players are connected before moving to the main game.

  • Multiplayer: 1 vs 1 - 5 vs 5
  • Countdown timer
  • Overtime
  • Lobby system
  • LAN
  • Scoreboard
  • Jumping/Handbrake
  • Boost
  • Ability to toggle ball cam
  • In-Game Tv Screen that show live gameplay
  • In-Game chat system

Technical Description:
**Blueprints: **

  • Ball Blueprint
  • Vehicle Blueprint
  • Goalpost Blueprint
  • Vehicle Boost Blueprint
  • Various Widget Blueprints for Mainmenu, Lobby, Pausemenu, PlayerHUD etc.
  • Score screen that shows players with the number of goals they scored
  • Widget Component with team color that will hover on top of players

**Materials: **

  • Post process material for highlighting ball

**Level: **

  • Overview
  • Main Menu
  • Lobby

**Textures: **

  • Tileable Mask Grid Texture


Change Log:

  • Fix for a rare issue where vehicle will refuse to reset/flip while upside down


  • Added in-game chat system
  • Added in-game TV screen that shows live gameplay
  • Fixed issues with player spawning
  • Refactored player spawning (New player spawning logic is more simpler and expandable)
  • Removed ShowLoadingScreen in Begin Play from BP_SoccerPlayerController
  • Removed InitStartSpot in BP_SoccerGameMode
  • Removed ServerSetTeam function from BP_SoccerPlayerState
  • Removed ServerInitializePlayer from VehicleBlueprint
  • Removed ClientHideLoadingScreen from VehicleBlueprint
  • Renamed LeaveGameFromMatch function (in BP_GameInstance) to LeaveGame
  • Setting up PlayerName and Material has been moved to Event Possessed inside VehicleBlueprint


  • New base pickup class
  • Ball outline now fades based on distance
  • Added camera lags
  • Fixed menu button click issues
  • Fixed compiler warnings

Looks good, when is this out?

Hi overreal! It will be released tomorrow, Oct 5th. :slight_smile:

It’s been released. [MENTION=277023]YetiTech Studios[/MENTION]; - It looks EXTERMELY impressive. AWESOME work, well done!

Hi, if the vehicle flips over, we are stuck. Needs a reset button to flip it back up.

Click ‘Right Mouse Button’ to flip the vehicle back up. :slight_smile:

hmm, it didn’t work.

We have downloaded the project from marketplace and checked, both project and game demo works. Try the game pad ‘A’ button. Are you using the marketplace project or the game demo? If you are using the marketplace project have a look at the comments in the event graph VehicleBlueprint.

Is there any accompanying documentation?

@Loucsam All the blueprints are well commented. If you want to have documentation for changing vehicles, ball, pickups etc. then let us know we will make one. :slight_smile:

Please let us know your thoughts.

Marketplace. See video

@overreal Thank you for bring up this issue, we were able to replicate this issue. We are currently looking into this and will fix this ASAP in an update.

@overreal We have resolved the issue and have submitted the update to Epic.
If you face any further issues please don’t hesitate to contact us back. :slight_smile:

Change Log v1.1:
Fix for a rare issue where vehicle will refuse to reset/flip while upside down.

I think that documentation would help compliment what has been done and would add to the value of the project

Thank you for your suggestion. At the moment we are busy with our project which we will be showcasing at Comic Con Mumbai on October 22-23. We will be more than happy to make the documentation after this event. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions please do post here.

No worries, no rush.

Accompanying YouTube documentation will help those that like to watch and learn, with the added bonus of increasing project visibility by having more videos on YouTube.

I’m personally quite fond of having the documentation in a wiki instead of PDF. People can easily suggest edits if they read something and might have a better way to word something.

Make sure to post what you showcase at Mumbai Comiccon. I’m very impressed with the quality of your work thus far and am quite interested to see.

Now this is how you play Vehicle Soccer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance you can add AI to it, so when there are not enough players.

Hi @overreal, sorry for the late reply we were busy hosting an eSports Tournament with our game at Comic Con. At the moment we are not working on AI but we will look into it in the future.

I’m guessing it uses the Wheeled Vehicle Component from UE4?

But would it work for non-wheeled vehicle? Like say a hover craft?