Vehicle Pack: Can I get your input?

Hey everyone, Ive been working on a vehicle pack, and right now im just about finished my pipeline, and I wanted to get some input in if that’s possible.

The intended final features should look like this following:

Vehicle Pack: Volume 1
5 suburban vehicles: Built from custom designs
Polycount = 10,000-15,000 with 4 LOD states(each decreasing polycount 50%)
Substance textures for Body, Interior, Tires
Other Textures, Brakelights, Headlights, Windshields

Substance Features
-Dust, top dirt, top mud, scratches, sun bleach, and all your general material ID control like colour, roughness, etc

UE4 Material Features:
-Detail Maps for Body and Interior like: Car paint flakes, orange peel clear coat, leather, plastic dash, felt etc

Key Features:
Movable parts. Hoods, Doors, Trunks all open and close so they can fit just about any game function.
Emissive lights control
Destruction: Breakable windows, headlights, brakelights.

Now, if theres some glaring feature you think this pack NEEDS to have, please point it out. If you see any redundant feature that you think should be omitted, please let me know. Some things ive been thinking about doing is maybe doing weather effects. Things like rain drops where you can control the intensity until its completely wet. Also snow would be fun to make. I also dont have any VFX with this pack, its really just functionality with the destruction, would not having VFX be a blunder on my part? So far its just glass shattering, so it wouldnt be too hard.

Also, id like to get some input on the destruction too. Is there anything youd love to see? Or even just some must haves?

Thank you for your input, and hopefully I get this up pretty soon. Here are some WIP pics, to give you a better idea of the style/quality I am going with.


Nice man nice

What kind of vehicles in the pack?

The vehicles im thinking will be more suburban. 4 door sedan, 2 door sedan, Hatchback, SUV, minivan. Ill try to compile each pack into a theme. ‘Utility vehicles’, ‘sports cars’, ‘high end’, ‘muscle cars’ etc. With the first one being a more generic, tame ‘Suburban’ theme.

Looking good.

I think a must have is to rig the vehicles and them being properly being setup in UE4.

Will there be buses, trucks, and vans?

@order66- Thanks, and yeah, rigging doesnt take very long. 15 mins to hook up with the standard vehicle blueprint, but its more the potential for bugs that concern me. But yah, I think I may as well, its not very hard.

@jeffmorris- Yeah, buses, trucks, vans, uhauls, semis, taxis, emergency vehicles, I would plan on making them all down the line. Really just depends on of they are more/less popular than environment/prop packs, then they may get shuffled down the priority list.

looks great man, you should possibly try to add a pickup truck with mounted .50 cal on the back. That would be cool :smiley:

+1 on the rigging, Looks extremely promising and I wish you the best of luck! :slight_smile:

Will there be Aircraft such as helicopters, Prop/Jet propelled aircraft in these packs?

If so - here are a few that I would like to see.

Bell UH-1 “Huey”

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Destroyed States for these vehicle packs would also be nice :smiley:

When is this coming out??