Vegetation Pack 1 [Submited]

Hello guys, so here whats in the pack right now:

  • 169 quality high res flowers/leafs textures 4k/2k/1k (all scaled down from 5-8k, nothing is scaled up)
  • 169 normals maps and materials for them
  • 40 models (all have secondary UV, every model have 3 lod levels, more that 120 meshes)

I am taking requests, if you need any special plant, I will try to add it to the collection.

Any feedback is welcome!

Here are some samples:














Hey! Looks pretty good. Does the vegetation include LODs?

@KoldKam, betwen 3-7 LOD levels

Very nice!

Thanks guys! I will keep updating:)

This is very nice!

I dislike creating vegetation personally, so this would be handy to have - even if just for prototyping purposes. What kind of price point are you looking to achieve with these?

Hi Daniel, the price will be very cheap for all pack.

Indeed, is very time consuming to make it, starting from making alpha maps from 8k texture, to modeling and tweaking.

Pack is ready, I’ve updated the screenshots!

Please let me know if you guys have any requests!

They are gorgeous…
Will definitely buy them.
Keep it up.

These are absolutely lovely! Will likely be picking this up release day!

Wonderful .

You should work more on the normals instead of just auto generating them with the same settings.
The Saintpaulias looks really strange for example, they should have smooth, thick, fuzzy leaves, not wrinkly uneven ones like yours. And certainly not as shiny.
Most of your leaves seems to be way to wrinkly. Unless they’re sallad or something most green foliage is fairly smooth.
Also you might want to write what polycount they have, when it comes to foliage, polycount is usually very important.

+1 for addressing normals issues. On some they even look inverted, and generally too strong. I will say that photosourcing foliage is often one of the worst things you can do - you’re much better off modeling high poly versions and then baking that to a card to get better normals and curvature for your planes.

These aren’t bad as placeholders, but I wouldn’t put anything of this quality into a final game with those sorts of rendering issues. I don’t mean that to be insulting, just to be honest. You can improve these and I’m sure in doing so, you’ll get more sales. Good luck!

Thanks for feedback and critique!:slight_smile:

@Sitrec, about “Saintpaulias”, this one is European specie, and leafs are wrinkly, and some leafs are fluffy. About poly-count, I will probable do that, there are over 120 meshes, lots of text to put somewhere:)

@MooseCommander, some normals are “aggressive”, but this can be changed very easy. Also the roughness can be changed with a click, depending on how you like the final model to be, I don’t see any rendering issue here, you can tweak the material as you like, roughness, even color for more variations.

About photo sourcing foliage, so far I think is the best way to do it. You recommendation with high-poly versions and bake work only in some scenarios, because you lock your geometry to a shape. By example, most of models in this pack support material exchange, meaning, you can use same mesh but change different leafs/flowers material. This was my intention also, to do not lock leaf/flower geometry.

My suggestions would be to do something with the lighting, this is making the product not look as good as it could. Since your trying to sell the product via the pictures. Maybe even just chuck in a skylight, so the shadows aren’t pitch black. Secondly, some of the flowers look incredibly flat, like they were just mapped onto a plane, I would slant the edges a bit to give the flower a bit more depth, sure it adds a couple more tris to the mesh, but it will just make them look so much better, and you could still use the same mesh for all the different types of flowers. Otherwise yeah I agree, normals, roughness, etc. can all be tweaked to the users liking.

There is no such thing as a european saintpaulia, they grow nativly in rainforests in Africa. If by that you mean they’re some fantasy species, then I suggest you don’t use photos of actual species to make them. I agree that it’s not that important to keep plants correct for most games, but when selling a dedicated vegetation pack I’d say you can at least put in the effort to do it right instead of half-assedly slapping some random pictures with photo sourced normals on some geometry.
There is a lot of things you can improve, I’m sure it will be worthy of being on the markeplace if you do. Right not I’d say they’re subpar with the quality of the rest of the marketplace.

Nothing about baking normals from a highpoly prevents you from using the resulting maps in any other geometry such as this.
What @MooseCommander suggested is the best way to go about it, it’s as simple as that. It might not be time effective, but that’s the reason people would buy a pack like this anyways, and should be able to expect the best of quality when they do.

@Sitrec, According to Wikipedia there are about 20 species of Saintpaulias (all from Africa), frankly I have no intention to visit African rainforests just to photo-shot that:) I am in Europe, and I have one in my house, probable is one of the species adapted to grow here. I will make some updates soon, and I hope to improve the stuff.

About models from pack, they come as a bonus, was not my intention to do them, more that showing some examples of how textures look. So I will try my best to make everyone happy:)

About normals/baking, I understand what @MooseCommader said, personally I think best method is to make every leaf in ZBrush then bake. Now consider you need 4-5 different leafs per model, this is not an easy task, and the pack will not be as cheap as I plan to do it right now. And is situational, depending on what game/app you plan. Second method, is possible to adjust/remodel normals in Quixel very easy. I’ve used Quixel Full Spectrum for normals, and the results are more that decent. Most of the time, full spectrum will do the job.

I think you need to spend a bit more time on the materials and look into some soft of SSS effect as they all look very opaque. Other than that, i would certainly buy quality foliage on Marketplace when its available, so keep up the good work

@voltaire585, Thanks mate, I am working on that:)