Vega 11 and ray tracing?

Does the Vega 11 graphics card by AMD support ray tracing well? In the specs of a computer I’m considering getting, it doesn’t have the “RX” before “Vega 11”. Does it denote that it doesn’t support ray tracing?

There aren’t any AMD graphics cards that support ray tracing at this time.

Is it they don’t fully support it? I saw a video on youtube that’s a demo for ray tracing, and it was comparing AMD cards. However, I don’t remember if the Vega 11 was in the list of compared cards. It showed differences in what’s exactly supported, and FPS for various graphics settings among highest 3 graphics settings for the scene using CryEngine. In certain areas of ray tracing, such as certain types of reflections, previous model cards outperformed the newer ones (such as NVidia 2070 did somewhat better than 2080). What is the RX in front of certain AMD cards? It’s primarily in the newer ones. I couldn’t find that info on the AMD / Radeon site.

AMD Cards don’t support ray tracing at all, I think I remember the Cryengine ray tracing demo you’re talking about and that was something very custom made by Crytek which was just a graphics test and isn’t fully featured.
The next generation of AMD cards should support ray tracing though.

AMDs “RX” has nothing to do with Nvidias “RTX”. “RX” just means “Radeon 10” basically. AMD GPUs were called R9 for many years, and then at some point the next generation was called RX instead, as X is one higher than 9. Nvidia came up with the “RTX” branding for their GPUs later, as a replacement for “GTX”.