Variant Manager + Networking?


Anyone has managed to get the Variant Sets working in a networked environment?

Back in the day I have created a basic material/mesh changer that uses DataTables to hold the necessary data. In those times Variant Manager was not yet available. However with it’s release and the updates to it lately, I have decided to dust off my old project, and change my custom wonky DT code to the Variant Manager.

This application is designed to be a multi-user product showcase/configurator, so multiple players enter in either VR or Desktop mode, and the host can show them around, change materials, models, etc.

The issue is that no matter how I try, I cannot seem to get Variant Manager to work in a networked environment. I have tried Server Side switching, I have tried locally switching, I have tried spawning the Variant Set Actor, I have tried placing it in the level. Even if I allow a client to start a switch, the actual material switch only happens on the server, and not on the client. Server switches perfectly, Client does nothing literally.

Any tips or insights?

Thanks in advance!