Variables stop replicating when bandwidth usage exceeds 10KB/s

I hope it’s not bad form to bump answerhub questions on the forum, but I haven’t got an answer to my question in over two weeks now, and it’s absolutely critical to my game.
Here is the question: Why do variables stop replicating when data rate exceeds 10KB/s - Multiplayer & Networking - Unreal Engine Forums

I’ve seen another question on answerhub that seems to describe the same issue, but the only answer just refers again to the variables that I, and the poster of this question have already tried:

I’ve made a minimal example to test this, which I can provide if it helps, it’s pretty simple, though, it just lets you toggle whether or not to use a set amount of bandwidth by sending large arrays of useless data. Like I say, when the bandwidth use exceeds 10KB/s, variables just stop replicating.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone has any theories on how to solve this, or even any ideas as to where to start looking, no matter how vague, beacause I’m going to have to solve this before I can release my game.


If anyone else is having this problem, I’ve submitted it as a bug report, as after furthur testing, I think it may be a bug: