Variable Replication Non-Actor/Component

Hey @All,

As far as I know and experienced replication seems to be only possible for Actors and Components. But is there maybe any way or trick to send one single variable to the client(s) from inside an Item Blueprint, which isn’t an Actor or Component?


Nobody? At least a confirmation that it sin’t possible at all?

For now I’m using an unclean workaround. I’m using the Actor in which inventory the item exists as a vessel for my variable. The name of the Actor gets replicated to the client. So I’m changing the name to my variables content. Then on the item I read the name of the Actor and save it back to my variable. After that I’m changing the name of the Actor back to its original one.

I don’t see any clean way to do it.

It means you’re asking your code to do something you didn’t build him for.

But I’m not sure.

Can’t you rebuild some of your achitecture to make it so you don’t need to replicate anything from these items? or on the contrary, to make it so these items can be replicated.

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortuately not.

  1. It’s only a Mod. I only have limited Access to the Core Files and I really don’t want to change them.
  2. I need to pass Options from an INI-File, which only the Server knows.