Variable Replication and Cheating

i just followed a lot of tutorials and video trying understand Variable Replication and Events, what i need? or better to say, what i want?
i want to store the Credits value from Gamesparks and save it on the Credits Variable, but i want to do it in a way that player can’t cheat it.

this is what i have done so far:

So i’ve also created this for testing purpose only:

So if F1 is pressed i get the Credits value from the client that is executed, if i press F2 i get the Credits value stored from server (?)

This seem’s working fine, but if i open cheat engine and change the Credits value when the game is running the server will reply the cheated changed value, why this is happening?
i just expect that only F1 will echo the cheated value, but not from the server… there is something wrong with my blueprints? or something that i miss?


Best (and kind of all we can do) is storing and calculating everything SERVER SIDE. Clients are for player input, rendering and effects that can be done client side only.
From client to server you should send only either what player pressed or how player moves.

Thanks Nawrot, yep, this is what i trying to do, i executed the set variable from Run on Server, and the server reply the exact amount, the problem is if i change the value with Cheat Engine for example the server reply is the value edited with Cheat Engine, but i didn’t set everywhere (other than the Run on Server) a set to Credits, so why i just get the edited variable from the client as an answer from the server?