Variable only for player who do something

hello guys

can I have a variable that only affects the player who set the variable?

I mean if i have an item that i want to be ignored on box overlap by the person who dropped it down and i make a boolean “dropped down?” .How can i set this variable be only for the person who dropped down the item?

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Hello again. Sorry for my explain i am not the best on english and i dont know how to explain to be understanding.


I have this variable on my pick up item

By deafault this variable is non checked. The point for this variable is when is checked the player cannot pick up the item on box overlapping.

This is my code for box overlapping pick up items.

i use this variable here. Before searching for empty slot on inventory or the same item in inventory with no max amount on item, my blueprint search for this boolean variable that check if drop or split item down.

this variable set to checked when i drop or split an item. when i drop something down the item have the variable checked.

But the problem is the item that i dropped down has the variable not only for me but for all players. i mean i want only the player who dropped down the pick up item to cant get it again with box overlap. Other players must can get it with box overlap

Thank you, Neongho i appreciate the your interesting to help me… I found the solution with different variable that check who drop the item

Oh ok, well you can always make an array of controllers, or pawns, include them in the array, and so on use it…