Variable name in Structure mangled in Blueprint debugger


When debugging Structures in Blueprint it is not possible to clearly see the values of variables in the struct.

It looks like some GUID is appended to the variable name that makes it hard to read variable name and value.

This is not happening for “regular” variables (without the structure).

If this is a feature then please let me know how to turn it off.

Hi T.Slappy

I am sorry to inform you that this is intended behaviour. The property names are essentially friendly display names we developers can use to easily identify where we are assigning data. At compile time the names have GUIDs appended to them so the engine can distinguish between the labels underneath.

When debugging, I tend to break the struct and print out the data manually, it’s a bit more work but as you’ve pointed out, it’s easier to read what’s going on.

This is correct answer, but this is nice-to-have feature. I assume large projects are based on C++ and small projects that use Blueprints do not need to distinguish the variables using GUID in tooltips.

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable forced GUID generation for Property name and sanitize them? This essentially breaks the default SaveGame functionality because even if you just recreate struct 1:1 with the same name and properties, or, delete property in an existing one and then re-create it again 1:1 - new GUID gets appended to Property’s name, essentially breaking the savegame compatibility, because it is serialized with unuseable name like “Propr_12_5NDH47FNSD74BF743FB73GF”

This makes no sense. The only thing that should break said compatibility it is either changing property names or introducing new properties in non-sequential order (out of order).