Variable Material Interface help


I am following a tutorial video (link : - YouTube) and i’m stuck because I don’t understand the part on the screen below. I’d like to know where I need to create the variable call “Materials” with the type “Material Interface” and connect to the StaticMesh Component

Note that this isn’t a variable array for the blueprint itself … it’s a part of the static mesh component already. So you don’t need to create it per se.

Click on the Components tab… pick the static mesh, and then look down in the Details panel. In a group called Rendering near the bottom you’ll find a property array already called Materials there. It might say “0 elements”, but if you click on the + icon next to it you will expand the array with as many material interfaces as you want.

Right - so back in your screenshot - see how the Materials array you have in the green box has it’s Target pin linked back to a reference to your mesh just before it. That’s how you know where this variable is stored. You’ll need to drag off the pin of the static mesh in order to “find” it in a context sensitive list … might be where you’re getting stuck.

Hi, I tried what you said


I don’t understand why I don’t get the array of the materials. Otherwise I tried with the function “get materials” which is an array but it didn’t work too