Valve Knuckles (EV3) support?

Hello everyone,

I don’t see any mention of a UE4 support in Valve Knuckle page.
Steam Community :: Guide :: Knuckles EV3: What's New](Steam Community :: Guide :: Knuckles EV3: What's New)

Are they actually fully supported in the latest UE4? (4.20.3)

Depends on what you mean by fully supported, they are supported through steaminput in that you can remap buttons as you like, but as far as both the pad and the joystick (at the same time) and skeletal tracking, no they are not.

4.21 introduces an optional beta implementation of the new input system which makes things easier, but its still a bit rough.

By that I meant using the fingers “skeletal tracking”

Thank for your reply, from what I researched it was still early in implementation and coming for 4.21 a little better.

(FYI, I don’t have them yet, they are on their way, hence me asking to get ready UE4 wise for them)

They intend to implement the skeletal tracking via LiveLink like they did in 4.21 for magic leap, which will require that module enabled and not be natively replicated but should do for single player.

Even in 4.20 its not impossible to tie into the skeletal system (see below), it will just be easier in 4.21 since you can already be in the correct input api.

@mordentral They arrived this morning :slight_smile:
They do work (tracking) and I see the “events” (SteamVR_Knuckles_Right_IndexGrip)
But they don’t output their value (Using a simple Print)

So that is confusing… they work but don’t…?

I am BP only btw.
I can’t find any documentation or other nodes of interest. (there is a 3rd party plugin avail, but I already have my pawn etc… and I avoid 3rd party plugins)

What am I missing? I hope you are not going to say “4.21” :slight_smile:

You can bind inputs in steamVR directly for the time being, however no, there is no current way of accessible the skeletal data that isn’t third party plugin or direct c++, you can get the finger curl values if they output, and you can bind the force grip to a button in the legacy mappings, but the skeletal action API is not BP exposed (its not in 4.21 either currently).

Mmmm… exactly the same with 4.21p2

I am just trying to get the Capsense values from these BP nodes, it’s weird to have event and the values output exposed as BP nodes but nothing comes out from them.

Just got back from a month-long trip and noticed there’s still no official support for this.

So quickly cobbled a demo project together with a Knuckles Livelink & Input System plugin for UE 4.21 with Skeletal data and Action Bindings support that I’ve been playing around for hand mocaps with EV2s, also tested that they also work with the new EV3s.

More info in this thread: