[VALVE INDEX] VR Mode UI Editor Functions Not working in 4.24.1


I’m using UE 4.24.1 and SteamVR 1.9.16 with the Valve Index & Knuckle controllers. Using the default bindings etc., I can navigate the editor in VR, select and translate objects etc. in VR Mode. Try as I might, I can’t get the UI menu to appear at all however. Is there something really basic I’m missing here? I had it working in 4.23 briefly.


Having same issue :frowning:

Same issue. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Me four! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback folks.

Asking Epic XR folks if they can help/provide status. Will post any updates here.

Thanks for following-up!

Interesting fact :slight_smile:
The Valve Index Controllers seems work quite good in the newest Unreal version 2.45.0 - I just checked the VR mode. The UI window appears and the buttons work nicely.
In Unreal 2.24.3 I still have the same issue.

Bump…is there really a 2.45 somewhere I can’t find, like a beta or something? Thank you.

I assume that was a typo. He probably meant 4.25, and indead the Valve Index works in that version, although it seems to be triggered by the controller touch event(s) rather than, say, the grip/squeeze actions. Since in-engine there is a Vive 3D model, I assume the Index just works with the Vive drivers. Guess I’ll have to adapt the key/action mappings.