Valve index thumbstick click not working

I add an Action Mapping, and associate it with Valve Index (R) Thumbstick Right.
This is seen properly in the SteamVR controller configuration.
However nothing happens when I use the thumbstick to go Right (or Left).
Grab and A/B buttons configured identically, work.
Why? I want to have left/right click, not axis value.

It defaults to a click binding instead of touch binding (may get fixed soon). Edit the .json or use the bindings editor to change the sub mode from click to touch and it should work as you want.

Has anyone verified that this works for them? cuz I tried changing the controller settings in steamvr to be touch instead of click and it still doesn’t work for my game.

Using the oculus touch the Thumbstick Right event fires perfectly fine just doesn’t fire on the index

This ended up working for me, needed to restart the engine for the changes to take place. For the index controllers I edited the knuckles.json file.