Valve Index Motion Controller Not Being Tracked in VR pawn

What am i doing wrong? (as i said i’am on valve index but that should not matter)

how is this setup wrong? the controllers are not being tracked what so ever, have i forgot to enable something or? last time i did VR in ue4 it worked just doing this.

Edit: should also say i’am on engine version 4.23


Hey, it’s really hard to tell by just looking at this picture, to be honest.

Have you tried the same setup in 4.22 or 4.21 just to see if it has something to do with Unreal’s version?

i found out this morning that it was something wrong with the project all i had todo was to make a new project for some reason. it was driving me insane xD cuss it worked with the template so i was really confuzed

Jeez, those are the worst cases and you are always left puzzled as per the reason why. Glad you solved the issue in the end.