Valve Index Button Mappings Wrong


I’m trying to integrate the Index/Knuckles controllers to my VR app in UE4.21/4.22, and I’ve noticed that the buttons triggered don’t match what I’d expect. For instance, the A buttons are mapped to the Grips while the B buttons show up as a shoulder press.

When I use the SteamVR Input plugin that has been recently released, this issue doesn’t seem to happen, but I already have a button mapping system in place in the app itself and I don’t want to change my whole input mapping setup to rely on the SteamVR bindings just yet. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this and has any suggestions for how to fix or get around it, any help would be appreciated! I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the OpenVR version and if the SteamVR Input plugin is just on a newer version where this issue is fixed.


Have you figured out a way to use thumbsticks and touchpads seperately without any plugins?