Values can't be watched in Blueprint Function Libraries

  • Create a Function Library
  • Create a function, set an input of an integer
  • Do a print statement
  • Set a breaktpoint on print statement (or return node)

Set watches, and values cannot be watched at runtime. No Debug objects in the list either.


Hi keyle,

Thanks for the report! This is a known issue in 4.8 and 4.9, which we have entered as a bug report (UE-20846). I’ll add your notes to the report and post here if I see any update on it. Thanks!

Hi keyle,

Just to follow on from what Ben said, there is a planned iteration due on debugging tools for blueprints to try and improve the tools and remove problems like this. At the moment I’m currently collecting issues until schedules allow this work to start but it should be soon and I’ll try and tackle annoying workflow issues like this first once it does start.


(other) Ben :slight_smile:

Yep thanks. This is a biggie TBH. As applications grow, so does the complexity. Macro libs and Function libs are fantastic as they allow to abstract out large chunks of functionality. However debugging them is a b_.