Value of a Time node

I am wondering what the numeric value output of the Time node in a material would be, and how I could re-create it in a blueprint.

Plugging it directly into the emmisive channel makes an un-changing white light, so the value must be fairly high, using a constant node you have to increase it to 10,000 to get a similar effect (shown below), unfortunately the documentation doesn’t have any info on this.

Basically all I need to know is how to achieve the same result in a blueprint, is it using the real-world time? Any ideas?

Hmmm… after plugging it into a DebugScalarValues node, it appears to be taking the elapsed time from when the editor was opened, so my guess is seconds elapsed since start of game (or editor in this case), as restarting my editor changed the value from 11,000 back to 0 then started counting again.