Valley Of The Acient stuck on creating project

Hi. I downloaded the demo this morning and everything went just fine. When I go to my ue5 library I see valley of the Ancient p. I click create project and it stays on creating project for a long time and still is on creating project. What should I do?


Similar problem with mine, but I can’t download the demo successfully. Have Clicked the create project button in the Vault section in the Launcher, while, no effect. :upside_down_face:

Here’s my post link with screenshots.

it took my pc a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to finish that stage. I thought it was stuck as well, i suspect it was unpacking something very large.

after a long while I was able to right click onthe folder and properties started showing more and more files, and more and more space being taken.

give it at least an hour

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Well, it has taken more than three hours now. I guess I’ll keep waiting and see what happens

Did it ever complete for you? I’m having the same issue.

Same here,
seems to be stuck on creating project

Mine finally completed after about 6 hrs.

I figure it out, so basically once you download it from the internet it the install the file at the speed of your ssd.

Thing is that unreal 5 and this demo are quite “cutting the edge” software, so i would assume this requires “cutting the edge” hardware. Yes i know it is hard truth, and i know it is hard to get newest and best cpu+gpu right now. For me this worked (downloading and running demo) but i am one of lucky few to get cpu+gpu combo before all scalping started. So just some patience or luck with getting Your hardware up to ispeed.