Failed to download UE5 demo project: Valley of the Ancient [macOS]

Hi, everyone!

I’m a macOS user, new to Unreal Engine, and just downloaded Epic Game Launcher.

According to the Doc:

I installed the UE5-ea Version and tried to download the demo project: Valley of the Ancient.

No luck, just failed.

Here is the screenshot:

I clicked the “Create the Project” button below the Vault section, then Clicked the “Create” button in the pop-up dialogue menu, but nothing happened :upside_down_face:after the menu was dismissed, the downloading phase didn’t begin. While the Showdown VR demo was dowanloaded successfully in the same manner.

SO the “Valley of the Ancient” demo project didn’t apply to macOS? or there is something wrong with my System? btw. I am a user from China’s mainland, but I have opened my VPN app.

I have searched my problem in Google and Forums, no similar situation. Need your Generous and Genius help eagerly, Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I am having the same problem. If you check the project page it says Windows-only, but maybe there’s a way around it. I think the Chaos Sample had the same issue at some point and someone found a way to download it. From there we can make a simple project definition change for us to be able to use it. I’ll try downloading from virtual machine and I’ll report back.

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the problem is that this project is only supported on Windows platform. my solution: I downloaded it at a windows machine and then copied it to my mac, and it worked. the bad news is that it doesn’t run very well

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Same issue here on Mac. It would be great to get into the project and take a look under the hood.

@alesxander, @jorgecid You both are right, it’s probably because the project supports only Windows now. But I have successfully downloaded the ShowdownVRDemo which supports Windows only too. So I didn’t 100% reason why then.

Later on yesterday, I downloaded the Valey project on my old Windows PC, and it worked. On my Macbook Pro laptop, it didn’t. I thought an indicator dialogue should be there when I clicked Create Project button from my macOS system.

According to @alesxander’s solution, I migrate the project file downloaded from my Windows to macOS today. It could be opened finally :laughing: :laughing:, but there are many problems like no Landscape terrain display within the level, crashing when PIE, etc.

Thank you, all of you!