Validate lightmapping UVs before building?

Hello everyone,
Is there anyway to check whether the 2nd UV channel of an asset is ready or not for lighting building?
In complex scenes I often find myself in the frustrating situation of building the lighting only to receive an error message after 15-30min of processing.
Isn’t there in the asset editor a button such as “check lightmass UVs”?
As a workaround, for now I have been loading the mesh in an empty project, on which I build a preview lighting just to check the UVs.
Thanks a lot!

Hi Lucascorato,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a check to see if there are overlapping UVs without opening and and seeing if you’re got issues with your UVs for your assets before hand.

I think this would be a great idea though! I’ve submitted a feature request for this. (TTP: 348872)

Thank you!


Thanks a lot, Tim!

What’s the state of this? Is there anyway to make this check beforehand now?