V-ray for Unreal : GPU Lightmass working?

Will GPU Lightmass work with the V-Ray Plugin ? or the V-Ray “Bake” is still only CPU based ?

Also, why I cant see any projects done in Unreal with V-Ray besides those made by Chaos Group ? Absolutely nothing on Google, Artstation, Youtube… seems strange? Are people really not using this plugin at all ?

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Its absolutely garbage atm. I have wasted lots of time trying to use it.

What is not working ? I haven’t tried it yet but from the Chaos videos it looks like things should be working no ? But again… why there is literally ZERO projects done by someone with this…

I’ve never used it, but in general all third party baking tools have similar problems:

  1. They generally support few if any of Unreal’s lighting features other than static lights
  2. They can’t generate a volumetric lightmap

The end result is they work fine for static content but are mostly useless as soon as you go to do anything interactive.

Again, I’ve never used V-ray for Unreal but as of at least a year ago it looks like it couldn’t generate a volumetric lightmap.

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Hi, thanks for joining the conversation. So you think that this Vray plugin is useless if you want to make for example an Animation ? That would be rather crucial problem… Just to be clear, if I make an environment and bake it with static light, and then I add a Car which is a movable object the car cant be rendered ? …again its so weird there are no projects to look at…

It will render, but without a volumetric lightmap it will look like garbage.

It has a free trial, my advice would be to just download it and try it for yourself.

Edit: It says it supports rendering out “animation”. I don’t know if that means moving objects or just a moving camera. And it says you can do animated (deforming) objects using “v-ray proxy objects”. No idea what that means. Again, my advice… just try the free trial.