UXT Hand Interactions AND Simulating Physics


TLDR; How do I make the UXT hand actors grab an object when physics is enabled? When not enabled, I can grab and drag the meshes to a new location. When enabled, I can grab but not drag, they stay in the same location.

I’m working on building some physics lab simulations in UE 4.27 to be run on Hololens 2.
I have a previous unsolved question about rotating a mesh when physics is enabled, seems like these two topics might be related.

I have an AR session set up and I’m currently building some magnetic meshes. When I enable simulated physics, which is required for the magnetic force I’m trying out, the blocks are no longer interactive/grabbable. Is this something I can work around? I’ve tried digging up info on it, but I haven’t found anything helpful.

Let me know!

Thanks in advance ~