(UX Issue) When entering values in cascade mouse cursor moves to top left corner

This is a minor issue but it can become annoying over time,
So when I have a cascade open, and I try to change a float value, I click on the current value and my cursor automatically jumps to the top left corner of my screen, and I have to move it all the way back to change another value, and so on.
would be nice if the cursor would just stay at the value box until after I press Enter to commit the change.

This happens in more than just cascade. Any blueprint, really. It’s a pain.

Hi everyone,

This is a known issue and is currently under assessment by the development staff. Thank you!

This bugs me too! Any ETA on when this gets fixed?

If you download the latest version off of Github it has already been fixed, see here for more info:

If you download from the launcher it should be in the next update released (don’t quote me on that though, just my best guess). :smiley:

Great! Thanks for the info.

Indeed, I just realized that.

Good to hear its being taken care of, waiting for the fix, cheers.