UWP Package Support within UE4 4.18 help

as the title says I followed the video and the forum etc and I have everything steup dev account all of it and UWP package setting will not show up under packaging, how do I fix this please help

UE4 does not have UWP support, you have to download Microsoft’s fork of UE4 where they have their own implementation of it: Unreal Engine 4 is available for Win10 UWP app dev now - Unreal Engine Forums

yea I have the files and everything and I followed the setup I must have done something wrong because its not shoing up under packaging details. So can anyone help me with my issue please?

You’re going to have to check that thread, since the engine doesn’t officially support UWP there’s no documentation or any other support provided for that other than what Microsoft has shared and other people have figured out.