UVW's - is there no way?

  • Is there no way to add a simple box mapping in Unreal?
  • And changing the Tiling / Size?

Thank you so much for any little hint & help,
appreciate it!

The 4.23 version of UE4 added some simple UV mapping options in the Static Mesh editor. Check out the following link to learn more about how to use this system.


Sam Deiter

Using it a lot actually! Thanks!

okay, that’s great news.
Unfortunately, the link you sent me… and the documentation does not show me how to enter the GenerateUV Tab.

Is there a way to navigate to this tab?
Selecting the Mesh–> ???

Thank you!

Hey BernhardRider,

After looking over the page again the reason that you cannot find this is probably because this is only available for Unreal Studio users in Unreal Engine 4.23. You can apply for beta access to the tools you need using the following link.