UVs messing up when importing a rigged model?

When i import an FBX file of a fish i made and rigged in maya into unreal, the UVs seem to mess up in a very strange way. The animations and the mesh itself are completely fine and working but when i go to texture it thats when everything breaks. I tried using the same FBX file in another maya scene and in substance and everything was fine. When i import the mesh by itself everything is fine so it has to be something to do with the skeleton/animation. Cant find anything online to help.


Fish with messed up textures

Fish in Maya

UVs in Maya

UVs in UE4

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Does UV Channel1 also look strange? Have you openend your FBX in another 3d program (fbxviewer, blender, again in maya from fbx import) and is the result ok? can you make a screenshot of your fbx import dialog settings?

Both UV channels look the same really. Opening the FBX back up in maya is fine but its messing up in substance now though it wasnt before. Heres a screenshot of the FBX import settings in unreal and a screenshot of the UVs in substance


Did you find a solution for this Kaybeejay? I’m having the same problem :smiling_face_with_tear:

For anyone else who comes across this: I duplicated the geo in Maya, no changes to UVs required (as long as they’re functional in the first place), copied skin weights for animation purposes, exported again and re-imported in Unreal. Not sure what causes the problem but this worked for me :woman_shrugging: