UVs from more patches?

Dear All,
Happy new year to begin with.
I plan to texture pieces of my in-game environment that contains multiple meshes in MARI. Since there are many objects, compressing them in one UV patch causes the textures to be pixelated. I set them out to multiple patches. Does UE read those multiple patches? I will have to set out one material per patch or will i work fine with one mat only?
Thanks in advance.

It depends if you have those patches be able to use the same texture or not. If you can’t, you would need multiple materials per patch. If you have one material that works on all patches then you should be fine.

Thanks, it worked fine.
Now, do you happen to be familiar with MARI?
I’m trying to texture an environment asset but no matter my paint buffer size, no matter the resolution of my images I use to paint I get very pixelated results.
The asset is real world size and low poly. Does it have to do something with it? It has been UVed fine, filling 2 patches, Made in Maya auto projection, then I got rid of overlapping and put the shells around so they get the maximum place. Thanks in advance.