UVs Broken on Reimport

I have an odd problem that started happening just a bit ago.

I’ve been working with a scene for the past few weeks with few issues. I’ve been using 3DS Max for my modeling and unwrapping needs.

Today, I updated the UVs on a mesh. When I reimported via the right-click menu in UE4, the UVs come in a hot mess. I changed not a single setting in UE4 as far as I know. All I did was shrink some UVs in Max with the intent on using a different material for them in UE4. The mesh in my Max viewport looks fine, but in UE, it’s pretty screwy. I haven’t changed my export options either so I have no idea what’s going on.

I’ve tried importing and reimporting several other assets; they all seem to work properly. I’ve also tried reunwrapping the object in question with a different UV layout. Same problems still there.

Any idea what could be screwing up the UVs on my little 166 vert mesh?

Update: The “why” eludes me, but this can be fixed in Max by converting to an editable mesh. Resetting x-forms did not work, but converting to editable mesh (and optionally back to edit poly) seemed to do the job. Strange.

Hi Pittskrieg,

I’ve just tried this with 3Ds max 2013 and could not reproduce this particular issue.

Here are my steps:

  1. I created a box in 3Ds Max
  2. Converted to Edit Poly
  3. Added a UVW Unwrap Modifier
  4. Flatmapped and connected my edges
  5. scaled my UV to be large enough to file a single wall within the 0,1 UV space
  6. Applied a checker map (Photobucket | Make your memories fun!)
  7. Exported the FBX with embeded media
  8. Opened the mesh editor to view my mesh in UE4
  9. Went back to Max and scaled the UVs down
  10. Exported to FBX again overwriting the original FBX created
  11. Went back to UE4
  12. In the content browser right clicked and reimported FBX

Perhaps you did something differently that I did not that would make this more easily reproducible. If so, please let me know and I can look into it.

Also, what version of 3Ds Max are you currently using?

Thank you!


I’m using 3DS Max 2015.

I follow all of these steps sans embedding media on export since it creates a bit of a mess for me in my naming conventions, personally.

After arriving at the solution in my comment, this seems more of an error that crops up on Max’s side. I’ve since run into a few people who had this happen using Max specifically. Plus, I reimported the mesh into a new scene in Max and it still came in with broken UVs. Chalk this one up to Autodesk.

Thanks for getting back to me!

I had Andrew on our support team try this with Max 2015 and he got the same results I did.

Hey Tim,

I’m not really sure how to reproduce it myself from a fresh file. I’ve already got weeks of work invested in that particular scene and the problem only started occurring in my oldest file. It’s fixed now, but thank you for looking into it.

No problem. If it’s able to be reproduced in a more consistent way please let me know and I’ll be glad to look into it. Especially since I use Max myself a lot! :slight_smile: