UVRF 2.1 - Free VR framework for hand interaction, menu, locomotion (+more) for SteamVR, Oculus Rift / Quest (2) and LeapMotion

UVRF (Universal VR Framework) is a framework that provides hand functionality and world interaction, locomotion, UMG integration and much more, completely free and opensource. It works with SteamVR Input 2.0 with full support for Index controllers, as well as native Oculus support for both PCVR and Quest / Quest 2 and also Leap Motion.



  • World interaction using hands - grabbing objects, sliders, valves and other modes of interaction.
  • Locomotion - free locomotion, teleport, static with snap and smooth turning
  • UMG interaction - use widgets with both laser pointers and your fingers
  • UMG library of VR optimized elements - from simple buttons to keyboard.
  • Laser interaction system with other actors in the world


  • SteamVR - using SteamVR input 2.0 and SteamVR skeletal tracking. Providing full support for Valve Index controllers, as well as HTC Vive, Oculus Touch or Windows Mixed Reality
  • Oculus in both PCVR and mobile mode for Quest and Quest2. Mobile mode have optimized low poly hands with no transluncency.
  • Leap Motion (needs to be enabled), when Leap device is detected, it takes over priority, allowing even hot swapping devices in the middle of gameplay.

Download: https://www.infinite.cz/downloads/uvrf-v21.zip
Discord (for support and beta releases): https://discord.gg/rnEpcujtNr
Docs and tutorials: https://www.infinite.cz/uvrf

Creating a new thread as the original seems to be lost in forum transit :confused:

UVRF was originally created as our internal framework at iNFINITE Production in 2017 for the lack of similar and production ready framework and since the maintained. We’ve used it to launch many client solution as well some public projects - including eXPerience Colorblindness or Machizzle.


This looks AWESOME :slight_smile:

awesome thank you so much for sharing!!

How tricky would it be to just use the Hand as a replacement for the Unreal VR Template hand. I’m not looking to integrate any of the fancy grabbing this has just the mesh.

Not sure how Unreal VR Template works, but you can always grab the mesh, the open palm and fist anim and make a very simple animBP that just changes between then two.

Really, thank you very much for sharing this framework with MIT License.
I am starting to develop in VR, and I cannot afford to spend 150 dollars on the Advanced VR Framework, also, I do not want to depend on a closed payment system forever.

With your plugin and your videos I am learning and progressing.

Awesome work

How have i overlooked this framework?? This is amazing!

sadly the website doesnt have documentation. the clicking on the picture of the framework on the site doesnt link anywhere

Sorry for broken link > iNFINITE | UVRF Plugin

Good day ENIKS,
Just saw that UVRF framework and that look awesome.
Followed the tutorial, I can teleport, but got some issue when I try to setup the first relative grab.
I can’t grab the object and it even don’t have highlight on it when I approach the hands.
Also try to open your UVRF2.uproject but I can’t open it.
I am using Unreal 4.26.
Thanks for your help and your amazing work

I cant open the project too, the plugin failed to build for some reason


Great VR template, I was looking for a good starter example to achieve some of the features such as the Bow and Arrow and other interactables and this offers as a good learning example.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! :slight_smile:

Hi, have You live link with project.