UV workflow-- almost got it?

hey Everyone, maybe someone here can help me.

In 3ds max, I

  1. select my object
  2. choose a UV unwrap modifier
  3. select all faces and say auto unwrap
  4. change the number from 1-2 and do the same thing (sometimes with auto spacing of .001 rather than .0001 default).

I then export as FBX and bring into Unreal. I know I’m doing something wrong here (do I have to save out the UVs and load them separately?)

See attached images of what I’m ending up with, and the number as they’re loaded in Unreal.

I know I’m doing something wrong, but haven’t quite figured out what!
Any tips appreciated.

p.s. see how nicely it renders in that preview! wow. I’d love to have *that *look.

Hey Zac,
For some reason I missed your response last month.
I wanted to thank you for the post. I looked up the advanced lighting map in the starter content and was amazed at the difference in rendering instantly.

Much thanks