UV tiling limit of 512 with material TexCoord node? (4.22 and below)

I’m working on some really long thin walls and so I’m ending up using large U values so I can have contiguous UV’s. I’m doing this so I can simplify the way I break up tiling artifacts without worrying about seams between meshes. When the U value hits 512, independant of the source texture, I get texture streaking.

Yes there are simple workarounds, and I can easily fix the UV’s over 512 in the source meshes.

But it would also be nice to do this in the material. When I use FMOD to truncate the UV value, it doesn’t fix the issue, which makes me belive the UV values over 512 are already corrupted when they come out of the TexCoord node. For comparison, I can always fix UV streaking when I use the WorldPosition node to get values under 512.

Anyone else noticed this?

UVs are not precise enough to rely on such numbers.

Welcome to the world of Floating point precision errors.
If you have UVs larger than 512 you certainly do something wrong.

Yep, I know I’m being sloppy and should do it the right way. But I figured I’d hit a hardware texel limitation tiling this much rather than a TexCoord node math limit.

I don’t get these issues when I use worldposition as the UV source which are much much larger (I can always dial it down in a shader; the UV’s above 512 are not corrupted).

Easily fixed on the source mesh with a mel script and an FMOD type command. :wink: