UV skewing with cut-in meshes

Hey guys. I’m developing an air base and I need cut-in geometry for the lines on the tarmac, taxiways, and runway. The problem I’m running into is that where the linework intersects the concrete, the concrete texture becomes skewed. Here’s what I mean:

The same area, seen from above:

There’s no skewing in Max. I’ve since triangulated the model before exporting and it still causes the UV skewing. What am I missing here?

I’ve ran into a similar issue with Maya and UVs. They’ll look fine in Maya, but distorted in UE4. The only way I was able to fix it was to delete the face where the distortion occurs, fill the hole and then re UV that face.

I just gave that a shot - no effect.

/I found the solution: Enable “Use full precision UVs”. The tiling is simply too large for UE4 to handle.

I’ll check that option out the next time I run into the issue, may save me some time. =)