UV Offsetting a Clamped texture produces smeared edges

Hey all,

I’m trying to do a simple effect of revealing/dispearing a piece of geometry by offsetting the UVs (not tiled). I’ve got the UV offset working, but the edge pixels are reproduced instead of offset.

Here’s what this looks like on a cube material. I threw on a charcoal texture for clarity, but I really only need an unlit color in the end.

Here is the Material Blueprint.

And here’s proof that I am indeed using Clamp ha.

I’d appreciate any advice that you could give!

Here is one possible approach -

Your texture need to have an alpha channel for both reveal and hidden values.
Like below -

Then in the material, you offset the Alpha part and keep the RGB as they are.
However, you will need to scale the X coordinate for alpha as it accounts for half of the texture only.
Like below -

So now with XOffset value = 0.25, you will see the sliding. 0 = Full reveal. 1 = Fully Hidden.

Hope this helps.

That did the trick! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

BaconIsGood4You, thanks for the question.
Vishang Shah, thanks for the answer.