UV mapping from Flipbook frame

I posted a broader question in the unreal engine forums [here][1], but a more focused question seems appropriate for answerhub.

I’m trying to create my own dithering pattern for the opacity mask of an opaque material. I also want to be able to switch between different patterns quickly (as in, frame animation).

My first test was to use a single texture, UV map it using screen-based UVs and tile it up the appropriate amount of times on U and V, and pipe it into the opacity mask. This all worked perfectly using this texture:


I then created the following sprite sheet for the individual frames of the dithering stages:


I tried using the flipbook function in my material, but the problem I keep having is that I can’t adjust the UV tiling after I have sampled an individual frame of the animation. That is, I can’t retrieve an individual frame of the flipbook, THEN UV map that tiling across the screen…

Any thoughts are appreciated.


I’m currently having the same issue, I’m using animated tiling textures for some of my environments. If anyone knows of a solution if you post i link that would be greatly appreciated.