UV Map

Hello. In UE4 is UV Mapping or something like that? Can i select a single polygon in UE4?

You can’t do UV mapping in UE4
If you use BSP meshes within UE4 you can select a surface and adjust how a texture map is tiled, but you can’t do typical UV mapping. And for regular meshes that you import to UE4 you can’t do anything like that at all–the UV mapping needs to be correct before you export to UE4.

I found a way. I go in material options and I CordTexture node. Then I can change to higher value and larger texture.

PS. Is there any tutorial how import Unwarpped mesh into UE4? I working in 3DS max studio.

You can adjust the tiling in the material but you can’t change the UV mapping itself.

It’s very simple to export meshes from 3ds Max to UE4–just export as .FBX format

So after applying maps made in photoshop enough to export a FBX and everything it will work?