UV Map or Material ID Problem

Hello All,

I’m experiencing a problem with either UV maps or material ID’s in unreal engine. The image below shows a divided black trim and a slightly lighter/greyish trim, the materials should be the same material but they are rendering split like this, the dark black sections are wrong.


I use max to unwrap and set everything up, and i’m not new to it, but i am slightly new to unreal so i was hoping someone may be able to help me with this problem. Here’s the things ive tested and ruled out.

  1. The material ID’s are all set to 4, which is the correct channel for the material.
  2. The Smoothing groups appear to be fine in max
  3. The Normals are flipped correctly.
  4. No UVs are overlapping, and these are unwrapped and separated properly.
  5. Lastly i have map in channel 1 as well as channel 2 for the lightmaps.

After checking all these things, I’m stumped. If anyone has any ideas i will happily try them out.


hi jubey !
may i ask you to send your max model so i can help troobleshoot?
thanks !