UV map Odd shadows

I appreciate any help that can be supplied on this. once i import the OBJ to blender i create a uv map then export it as fbx so that i can use it in unreal it imports and looks perfect until i build lighting when it suddenly gets these odd shadows on the seems… please see bellow. how would i go about correcting this.

Look here for info on how to make your lightmap UV’s: Unwrapping UVs for Lightmaps | Unreal Engine Documentation

Besides that though, you need to split up your mesh into more pieces. For an interior, you might split it up by room (I also split it up between walls/ceiling/floor). Part of the reason is that you can only have one lightmap per mesh so it would have to cover the entire thing and even at a high resolution it wouldn’t get enough detail. Besides that, you want some things to be separated so that it can unload the parts that aren’t visible.

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i got it thanks u got me thinking and i realised that the light map resolution was to low